Blowout Bundle #3

In a week, I'll be retiring these 10 videos forever. This is your last chance to buy them, so don't miss out. These videos normally sell for $350, but you can buy them all for only $111.11. These will be available for 1 week, then they'll be gone. BUY THEM NOW! Project Blank Slate C-137... Continue Reading →

Sniff and Pump : INTENSE

This sniffing clip is NOT for the those who are new to sniffing inhalants. I'm going to get you FUCKED UP! We're going to go hard and fast so you better be ready to pump your junk and sniff sniff sniff! Jerk it for Me and when I finally let you cum you're going to... Continue Reading →

Mesmerized Popper Puppet

I just love taking weak willed little men like you and turning you into My mindless hypnotized popper slaves. Sniffing away your last brain cells as I program you to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Inhale. Exhale. Sink deeper and deeper puppet. Resistance is futile. keywords; mesmerizing, mindfuck, mesmerize, aroma, sniffing, aromatic, inhalents,... Continue Reading →

Pretty Pantyhose and Poppers Sensual Domination JOI

I know you love My beautiful body and how good I look in pantyhose. I know you love that sexy stripe down the back of my leg and seeing the control tops hug my curves. You love everything about my pantyhose all the way down to their reinforced toes. And you love it even more... Continue Reading →

Her Cock Futa Poppers Strapon Femdom

After picking up a beautiful girl at a bar, you go back to her house to discover she has GIGANTIC COCK! "Are you surprised" she asks "I know some guys aren't expecting a girl like me to have a big fat cock. You don't mind, do you?" "Here, try a little of this" she pulls... Continue Reading →

Sweet Sniffing Valentine – Tit Worship Poppers Hypnodomme Mindfuck

I'm going to corrupt you, sweet puppet. Take a sniff, my little weakling. You belong to me, and I'm going to reprogram your mind. You're going to be mine, my sweet little mindless valentine. By the time this clip is done, you'll be mine forever.

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