No Pussy For Losers

A loser like you doesn't deserve pussy. Weak little beta bitches like you only deserve your hand and a bottle of lotion. Not that you could satisfy a woman anyway, if you could find a woman desperate enough to fuck you. No, it's just you and that right hand stroking your pathetic hand the same... Continue Reading →


Ew! What the fuck do you intend to do with that...thing?! Can you even legally call it a dick when it's that small!? Are you getting aroused by me making fun of your teeny weenie? GROSS! Whatever, I guess I'll let you stroke that pathetic thing. It'll be good for a laugh. But hurry up,... Continue Reading →

Stroke for Me

Stroke for Me. Stroke exactly as I say. Do what I say when I say because I say. you know you want to. you know you need to. Stroke and stroke and don't you dare cum until I tell you to. A fun, sensual, hypnotic JOI audio file with a cum countdown. keywords; sensual, jerk... Continue Reading →

Blowout Bundle #5

10 more videos on their way to being retired forever. Buy them in a bundle or buy them individually before it's too late! These videos are $341 when purchased individually but only $123.45 when purchased as a bundle. BUY THEM NOW! Get the bundle here: Or buy them individually: My Personal Santa Claus My Pussy... Continue Reading →

Blowout Bundle #4

Another week, another 10 videos bundled together before being retired FOREVER. This is your last chance to buy them, so don't miss out. These videos normally sell for $443.39, but you can buy them all for only $111.11. These will be available for 1 week, then they'll be gone. BUY THEM NOW! Hypnotit Manipulation I... Continue Reading →

Pillow Humper

Hello you weasley greasy little loser. If it wasn't clear from the title of this clip, I"m going to make you hump your pillow. Pick any pillow you want and you're going to try your best to hump your pillow to completion. If you find that no matter how hard you hump that pillow you... Continue Reading →

Gender Neutral JOI

I wanted to make a jerk off instructions video that would be inclusive for all genders and that anyone could enjoy regardless of what genitals you have. I hope I did a decent job. Let me know what you think and if I should make more of these in the future!

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