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This site is still fairly new and I’m constantly working to improve it to try to make it as intuitive, immersive, and enjoyable as I can. I’ve been using the blog function for tutorials, clip previews, and personal blogging. I’m planning to bring on a couple good subs to be contributing writers in the near future. If you want to see more of Me, feel free to browse My Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeManyVids, Niteflirt, or Membership Site. Reddit coming soon…

Are you ready to be My slave?

If you are new and looking to serve, please familiarize yourself with the Dos and Don’ts, Protocols, and Initiation Ritual.

I’ve started making entries for some of My favorite clips as well as best sellers. Going Hypnodomme Goddess Joules Lipsforward, I hope to make mor entries for most, if not all, of My new clips as they are release. Browse My clips, obsess over My Hypnotic powers, and BINGE on My beauty. And be patient, I’m new to website building and I need to figure out how to minimize the load time. I think it’s the gifs slowing it down, but the gifs look so good!

I will also be keeping an actual blog on this site to keep subs up-to-date on what’s going on in My life, as well ass to vent My frustrations or just let out whatever else may be on My mind. I’ll be doing My best to keep them organized by category so that subs can easily find the articles and information that is relevant to them.

If you are looking for specific information and finding it difficult to locate on My site, please make a not of it when making first contact so that, if necessary, I can make the proper improvements to this site.

About Goddess Joules

I am a Pro Domme who has been working in the industry in various capacities for about 7 years. I specialize in Hypnosis, Financial Domination, and Key Holding but have a wide variety of interests and experience. Learn more about My likes and dislikes in the Dos and Don’ts.

I conCall Meduct sessions in person (with well-vetted subs who have gone through My initiation), as well as over the phone on Niteflirt, via webcam, through text sessions, and through custom clips.

Tribute Via Niteflirt

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